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Advising From Both Sides

Joe Kujawa, Snow Magazine March 2021 - May, 2021

There are generally five reasons companies bring in consultants. They include: Needing expertise not available internally; Managing change on important projects; Gaining an objective outside perspective; Attaining additional resources for internal/existing projects; and Backing up management’s opinion. The first three reasons tend to bring more value to the company. The last two–while sometimes may be […]

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Building Blocks for Financial Health

Bruce K. Wilson, Lawn & Landscape February 2021 - May, 2021

Most landscape companies have managed to navigate the turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Thanks to the vaccine, we may see the economy and consumer spending rebound this year. However, it is unclear if the damage done by shutdowns and high unemployment will have lingering effects on recovery. I think it would be wise […]

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Organizational health: taking engagement’s pulse

Bruce K. Wilson, Lawn & Landscape January 2021 - May, 2021

Of the many ways we reshaped our organizations last year, the most important turns out to be how we focused on helping our people and our communities thrive through crisis. The attention we gave to health, safety and well-being – and the high level of communicating we did with employees and customers – made every […]

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Beyond the virus: 5 Takeaways

Joe Kujawa, Blog - December, 2020

After a rough start to an unprecedented year, landscape organizations within our portfolio have not only regained their equilibrium and optimism, but the crisis has provided opportunities for growth. Company founder Bruce Wilson says that 2020 offered meaningful crisis management lessons for landscape business of all sizes and companies that did well, did so by […]

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Agility is Key to Improving Performance

Steve Steele, Lawn & Landscape - December, 2020

2020 taught us that no matter how fast we move, business, unlike NASCAR, is not just a series of predictable left turns, but instead a track with multiple twists and turns like an Indy car event. Success demands not only speed, but agility – an ability to navigate the changing landscape at record speed without […]

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Organize the Org Chart

Bruce Wilson, Lawn & Landscape November - December, 2020

Org charts are essential components of business strategy. Yet, as companies go through different growth cycles, their organizational needs change while organization chart models remain unchanged. As a result, there can be a degree of dysfunction and things seem harder to control. This is a symptom, not the cause. With business continuously evolving, nothing stays […]

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Planning for 2021? Think like a start-up

Joe Kujawa, Lawn & Landscape October - December, 2020

Strategic planning can be tough in a normal year. This year, it has been anything but normal as the coronavirus trampled the rulebook and forced businesses to cope with urgent needs, and change and adapt on a massive scale. Although we don’t know about what next year will bring, here are six short- and mid-term […]

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Progress during Covid-19

Bruce Wilson, Lawn & Landscape September 2020 - December, 2020

As we head into the last lap of this historic year, innovation, strategy and change management have become more important than ever. Like so many, I, too, entered 2020 planning for optimism. Then COVID-19 happened and even the best plans were hijacked by uncertainty. There was no precedent for the pandemic’s uncertainty. First thoughts were […]

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Finish Well & Start Strong

Steve Steele, Lawn & Landscape - August, 2020

Ancient Greek and Roman astrologers named July 22 through Aug. 22 the “dog days of summer” because the Dog Star, Sirius, was visible on the horizon. They associated its appearance with heat, drought, lethargy, illness, mad dogs and bad luck. While I can’t offer any remedies to combat ancient superstitions, here are 12 actions you […]

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Steve Steele to Lead Wilson & Co. Financial Services Practice

NEWS, - July, 2020

Bruce Wilson & Company, a national green industry consulting and CEO peer group facilitating firm, today announced that Steve Steele, Steele Dynamic Services, LLC., will join its team as head of Wilson’s Financial Services Practice. Formerly Vice President of Business Systems for Heartland, LLC, a private equity financed holding company that acquired Keesen Landscape Management […]

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