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Successful Succession

shift - July, 2019

There are more than just financial issues to consider when transitioning a family business. Beyond the mechanics of how to transfer ownership or sell the business to the next generation, the real challenge for a parent is less about the logic than the emotion. Owners tend to kick the can down the road and assume […]

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On the Clock

shift - June, 2019

In today’s around-the-clock marketplace, accessibility is being redefined. What was once a service mandate, “to promptly return calls within 24 hours,” has been replaced by customers wanting to know if you’re a mobile click away.

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Inspire a Learning Mindset

shift - May, 2019

Starting a new job is like learning a new computer program. There’s a huge amount of new knowledge and performance-related expectations to absorb while simultaneously becoming fluent in the language and jargon of the culture.

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