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6 Ways to Make Innovation a Competitive Advantage

Robert Clinkenbeard - May, 2022

We’ve come a long way since we first thought outside the box. Landscape businesses today are moving so fast that we blew through the box and into the cloud. The metaverse seems almost too big to think out of. But with practice, we can leverage speed, scale and connectivity as opportunities to find innovation where […]

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CCG Advisors announces the sale of Monarch Landscape Companies to Audax Private Equity

Bruce Wilson & Company - April, 2022

Atlanta, GA – March 31, 2022 – CCG Advisors, LLC (“CCG”), an Atlanta-based investment banking firm, announced their latest successfully closed transaction in the commercial landscape industry. Audax Private Equity (“Audax”) has acquired Monarch Landscape Companies (“Monarch”), a Los Angeles-based commercial landscape management firm, from One Rock Capital Partners (“One Rock”). Monarch was jointly represented […]

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Inflation Strategies

Bruce Wilson - April, 2022

Inflation is the highest it has been since 1982. Most of you were not in business then, but I was. What left an impression on me was how difficult it was to maintain profit. As a business owner, the most difficult decision to make with inflation is whether to raise prices to keep up. Small […]

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How To Get Better at Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Robert Clinkenbeard - April, 2022

“I think therefore I am”, a 17th-century philosophy of belief in one’s self, was uttered by French mathematician René Descartes. But it could very well have been said by every entrepreneur who defied the obstacle of self-doubt. Doubt, it’s said, is the killer of entrepreneurial spirit. Today, we have several versions of this. “If you […]

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The Collaborative Advantage: Part 2

Joe Kujawa - March, 2022

Collaboration is a key element of helping companies learn faster. The challenge is getting people to do it. The American workplace has never been more diverse. We have increased racial and gender diversity in the workplace and in leadership. Five generations are working together across our industry. All this diversity is happening at a time […]

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The Collaborative Advantage: Part 1

Joe Kujawa - February, 2022

In his book, The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization, Peter Senge writes: “The only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to learn faster than the competition.” Good insight, I agree, but how is this done? I believe one way to continually learn faster than your competition is to use […]

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The Green Job Revolution: The Best Career You Never Heard Of

Bruce Wilson & Company - February, 2022

Green is the color of purchasing power, the bottom line, and a universal word for the environment. In 2022, it’s the color of jobs. The U.S. Government defines green jobs as: “Jobs in businesses that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.” The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® green building certification […]

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When Hiring a Consultant Makes Sense

Bruce Wilson & Company - January, 2022

If you’re a landscape business owner looking for ways to find a competitive advantage, engaging the right consultant can be a smart decision for a number of reasons.  There are a lot of professional advisory options to choose from and it’s hard to know where to start. To make it easy, here are our top […]

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Brian Brueggemann Joins Bruce Wilson & Company

Bruce Wilson & Company - January, 2022

Brian Brueggemann, former director of landscape operations at Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions in Caseyville, Illinois, has joined the Bruce Wilson & Co. team as a productivity improvement consultant and trainer. “In today’s competitive environment, improving workflow is key,” said Brian “By looking at the activities landscape teams repeat all the time, we can eliminate bottlenecks and distractions, and improve factors that increase capacity […]

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You Need a Network

Robert Clinkenbeard - January, 2022

Landscape CEOs, more than any other, know the importance of ecosystem health when it comes to the growth of their clients’ properties. What if we applied a similar principle as a growth strategy for leadership? I’ve built and led several companies: some I fell into accidentally and grew organically; others I approached with a vision […]

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