Beyond the virus: 5 Takeaways

Joe Kujawa, Blog - December, 2020

Joe Kujawa is senior practice leader and peer group facilitator for Bruce Wilson & Company.

After a rough start to an unprecedented year, landscape organizations within our portfolio have not only regained their equilibrium and optimism, but the crisis has provided opportunities for growth.

Company founder Bruce Wilson says that 2020 offered meaningful crisis management lessons for landscape business of all sizes and companies that did well, did so by adapting quickly.

Owners looking to strengthen their position in 2021 are turning to peer groups and we’re seeing increased interest from C-suite landscape leaders across all segments who are looking to collaborate with other executives as a way to hone their leadership for a new era.

Peer group facilitator, executive coach and senior practice leader, Joe Kujawa, said that peer group membership definitely provides opportunities to network and interact on issues more than ever before.

“If a CEO has a safe space to work on key priorities and not feel like they have to tackle everything, a peer group lets them think out loud and sort through what might be holding them back.”

With 2021 in sight, Joe adds that his peer group members are taking steps now to crisis-proof their organizations and says there are five things CEOs can do to steer their organizations to future success:

  • Communicate – there is no such thing as too much information. Keeping the conversation going is good for business and good for people.
  • Measure what matters – engage in scenario game-planning that includes metrics to assess how each scenario is tracking.
  • Prioritize agility – seize the moment, there is no more business as usual.
  • Clear the clutter – identify what you can do less with and more of to streamline organizational productivity.
  • Improve engagement – invite more stakeholder voices to the table to encourage new leaders and innovators to emerge.
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