CEO Peer Groups

By CEOs, for CEOs.

Bruce Wilson re-imagined the peer group concept and brought it to the landscape industry on a national scale with a new strategic purpose. Today, our CEO Peer Groups bring together market innovators and bold thinkers, all seeking entrepreneurial excellence, fresh ideas, different perspectives and a sense of what comes next.

These are the high achievers, the “tall trees” of our landscaping profession. Our CEO members are typically in the top 10% of the industry or leaders of smaller companies on a mission to be the best.

Each brings a depth of insight. Some have spent a lifetime in the landscape industry; others are the new generation of emerging leaders. They’re brought together by a growth mindset, as well as a drive to embrace change and take risks. They are accountable and transparent. Each has a willingness to listen, empathize and engage in the issues facing their peers.


Each Session Becomes a Blueprint for Sustainable Improvement

Our Peer Groups function like an objective Board of Directors — colleagues who see the full picture, expect the best from each other and aren’t afraid to challenge peers to reach higher.

Discussions center on the kind of topics that separate the highest performing businesses from the rest of the pack:  Reducing gaps in labor; nurturing organizational empowerment to dramatically impact customer satisfaction; embracing social media platforms to build stronger brand perception and growth potential; using benchmarking data and analytics to measure critical best-practice opportunities.


The Official Peer Group Facilitator for NALP

Bruce Wilson & Co. is the official facilitator of peer groups for the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Altogether, we facilitate a dozen peer groups across the U.S. and Canada, spanning every market and segment.

Members come from non-competing markets and are often grouped together around common business models, organizational challenges and sales volume.

If you’re ready to take your professional success to the next level, please contact us at or visit the NALP website for more information about joining a peer group.

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