Brian Brueggemann Joins Bruce Wilson & Company

Bruce Wilson & Company - January, 2022

Brian Brueggemann, former director of landscape operations at Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions in Caseyville, Illinois, has joined the Bruce Wilson & Co. team as a productivity improvement consultant and trainer. “In today’s competitive environment, improving workflow is key,” said Brian “By looking at the activities landscape teams repeat all the time, we can eliminate bottlenecks and distractions, and improve factors that increase capacity […]

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You Need a Network

Robert Clinkenbeard - January, 2022

Landscape CEOs, more than any other, know the importance of ecosystem health when it comes to the growth of their clients’ properties. What if we applied a similar principle as a growth strategy for leadership? I’ve built and led several companies: some I fell into accidentally and grew organically; others I approached with a vision […]

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