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FAIR Management of Deskless Employees

Steve Steele, Financial Services Practice Leader - November, 2022

Leaders are in the “people business.” All of their other responsibilities notwithstanding, their team and its care and development are among the most critical responsibilities any leader has. Ensuring that the team is functioning at its best requires that leaders regularly spend quality time with their direct reports to help them develop and mature into […]

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The wow factor: A leader’s guide to excellence

Bruce Wilson - November, 2022

It certainly is an unsettled economy, but so far, business has remained strong for most landscape companies. Inflation is a definite factor, as are rising interest rates. As of this writing, the labor market has eased up a bit, probably due to seasonality rather than other factors that might be longer lasting. As I look […]

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Make Water Conservation a Strategic Priority for 2023

Brodie Bruner - November, 2022

With scarcity of labor and increasing business costs, the landscape industry is facing mounting headwinds to profitability that can ONLY be countered by applying new technology and automation, especially in irrigation services.  According to Brodie Bruner, EVP of Weathermatic, “Throwing labor at operational inefficiencies is no longer a viable strategy, either from a labor supply […]

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Trust, Donuts and Takeaways from the Tailgate

Brian Brueggemann - November, 2022

Recently I spoke on a panel at Equip to a room full of landscapers about the secret sauce of what makes companies exceptional. Company culture is one of those things that’s easier to experience than describe. But I have a story about a micro-moment on a Saturday morning in a yard in St. Louis, the […]

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Do You Know If Your Customers Are Profitable?

Steve Steele, Financial Services Practice Leader - November, 2022

The Issue: Companies that do not regularly produce job costing reports showing revenues and expenses related to services performed for their individual customers lack a critical piece of data necessary for good management and decision making. The Bottom Line: Regularly producing job costing reports showing revenue and expenses at the individual customer (and/or job) level […]

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Inflation Playbook For CEOs

Bruce Wilson - October, 2022

Based on client performance data, the landscape segment of the economy is ending the year better than expected. The job market is strong, unemployment is stable, the labor market is easing and layoffs are mild, balancing the supply and demand for workers. But while supply chain challenges and inflation show no signs of cooling off, […]

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Your Inflation Survival Kit

Bruce Wilson - September, 2022

Inflation is different this time. Manufacturing, supply and production chain issues haven’t caught up to pre-COVID levels. Overhead is high and morale is low. And global developments have had impacts that will take years to figure out. CEOs are stressed. Consumers are stressed. Everyone has an opinion on what to do. This inflation/recession cycle is […]

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Doomsday Prepper

Joe Kujawa - September, 2022

Five strategic actions to take to prepare for recessionary times. Over the last few months, billionaires from Elon Musk to Jamie Diamon have been predicting a recession. These warnings have only multiplied since the Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates by 75 basis points. Business leaders and major financial institutions have since echoed these […]

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Why Finding Strategic Thinkers Is Essential To Business Growth

Dominic Monkhouse - August, 2022

Imagine this. You’ve been working in your industry for at least ten years. You know your customers inside out and there’s a problem that your company isn’t solving. Spotting the opportunity, you leave and set up your own business. Your industry knowledge helps you to mine a rich economic seam. This is the story of […]

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