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When It’s a Bumpy Ride

Steve Steele, Financial Services Practice Leader - August, 2022

On a recent, bumpy flight back to Denver, I thought of the aviation maxim: “Don’t overcorrect in turbulence.” Change and uncertainty — like flying through cross winds and rough weather — are unsettling. Sometimes, change tempts us to push as hard as we can in the opposite direction. But as every experienced pilot knows, overcorrecting […]

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The Introduction Tools for Scaling Up

Robert Clinkenbeard - August, 2022

If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking. — R. Buckminster Fuller Designer, inventor, futurist Purpose moves people to make the world a bit better for all,” notes Naomi Simson, […]

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3 Ways to Build and Sustain Customer Loyalty

Pam Stark - July, 2022

Between spring start-up and summer ops crunch, it is easy to lose focus on who we work for. Like it or not, without customers, the productivity we strive for and the operational engine we continue to invest in, is irrelevant. The way to get better at keeping customer needs front and center is to nurture […]

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Bruce Wilson Announces Speakers for Think Tank on Disruption

Bruce Wilson & Company - July, 2022

Thought Leader Retreat – the premier Bruce Wilson & Co leadership event of the year – will feature a two-day, idea-driven, conversation around disruption. “CEOs must embrace disruption to thrive,” says company founder, Bruce Wilson. “But the scope of disruption can also feel like the ‘wild west’ with no rules for business owners who are uncertain about what to do […]

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5 Ways Tech Reduces Overhead

Steve Steele, Financial Services Practice Leader - June, 2022

Technology targeted for business operations provides terrific benefits, from significantly reducing the amount of overhead needed to support growth to reducing the need for paper and the associated people and storage required to keep it all sorted out. Here are five ways technology provides maximum benefit with minimal input: Use a Tech Expert Appoint, retain […]

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What is a Negativity Firewall and Why Do I Need One? 

Bruce Wilson - May, 2022

From Our Founder, Bruce Wilson Blocking out the constant stream of noise isn’t the same as putting your head in the sand. A firewall strategy means having the discipline to filter out the distractions that can keep our business  from winning. There’s a reason why there is silence in golf and why ‘quiet please’ is part […]

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6 Ways to Make Innovation a Competitive Advantage

Robert Clinkenbeard - May, 2022

We’ve come a long way since we first thought outside the box. Landscape businesses today are moving so fast that we blew through the box and into the cloud. The metaverse seems almost too big to think out of. But with practice, we can leverage speed, scale and connectivity as opportunities to find innovation where […]

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CCG Advisors announces the sale of Monarch Landscape Companies to Audax Private Equity

Bruce Wilson & Company - April, 2022

Atlanta, GA – March 31, 2022 – CCG Advisors, LLC (“CCG”), an Atlanta-based investment banking firm, announced their latest successfully closed transaction in the commercial landscape industry. Audax Private Equity (“Audax”) has acquired Monarch Landscape Companies (“Monarch”), a Los Angeles-based commercial landscape management firm, from One Rock Capital Partners (“One Rock”). Monarch was jointly represented […]

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Inflation Strategies

Bruce Wilson - April, 2022

Inflation is the highest it has been since 1982. Most of you were not in business then, but I was. What left an impression on me was how difficult it was to maintain profit. As a business owner, the most difficult decision to make with inflation is whether to raise prices to keep up. Small […]

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How To Get Better at Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

Robert Clinkenbeard - April, 2022

“I think therefore I am”, a 17th-century philosophy of belief in one’s self, was uttered by French mathematician René Descartes. But it could very well have been said by every entrepreneur who defied the obstacle of self-doubt. Doubt, it’s said, is the killer of entrepreneurial spirit. Today, we have several versions of this. “If you […]

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