The 12 Days of a Learning Organization

Bruce Wilson & Company - December, 2021

The gift of knowledge, whether for twelve days or for forever, is the gift that keeps on giving. We hope that your holiday wish list brings you and your business continued success and your friends and family closer together in another year when ‘close’ seems more elusive than ever. From our team to yours, we send you our best wishes for a healthy holiday and a new year filled with learning, growth, and optimism.

The 12 Days of a Learning Organization

On the first day of Learning, my Sustainability Officer gave to me
Mycorrhizae for my pear tree.

On the second day of Learning, my CFO gave to me
Two systems integrated!

On the third day of Learning, my Client gave to me
Three hearty thank yous!

On the fourth day of Learning, my Team gave to me
Four collaborations!

On the fifth day of Learning, my Mentor gave to me
Five innovations!

On the sixth day of Learning, my Peer Group gave to me
Six forward-thinking leaders!

On the seventh day of Learning, my Association gave to me
Seven knowledge champions!

On the eighth day of Christmas, my Zoom class gave to me
Eight new ideas!

On the ninth day of Learning, my Help Desk gave to me
Nine digital platforms!

On the tenth day of Learning, my Intern gave to me
Ten generational insights!

On the eleventh day of Learning, my CEO gave to me
Eleven big-picture perspectives!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my career gave to me
Twelve loads of gratitude
Eleven big picture perspectives
Nine digital platforms
Eight new ideas
Seven knowledge champions
Five innovations
Four collaborations
Three hearty thank yous
Two systems integrated
And mycorrhizae for my pear tree.

May all things be merry and bright.

Bruce Wilson & Company

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