Bruce Wilson Announces Speakers for Think Tank on Disruption

Bruce Wilson & Company - July, 2022

Thought Leader Retreat – the premier Bruce Wilson & Co leadership event of the year – will feature a two-day, idea-driven, conversation around disruption.

“CEOs must embrace disruption to thrive,” says company founder, Bruce Wilson. “But the scope of disruption can also feel like the ‘wild west’ with no rules for business owners who are uncertain about what to do next. Our goal with this event is to take the fear out of transformative change, and use it instead to gain scale and become faster on our feet.”

This year’s Thought Leader Retreat theme, “Shift Happens”, will crowdsource solutions – allowing everyone attending to generate ideas and develop a collective framework that all participating CEOs can use to empower a culture of innovation in their own companies.

Event speaker lineup includes a roster of internally-known thought leaders, each with expertise and perspective on multiple disruptive fronts:

  • Phill Sexton, Practical Next Steps for the Right Sustainability Strategy
  • Scott Zimmer, Recruiting, Retaining & Leading Across Generations
  • Billy Otteman, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence from R&D to Your Bottom Line
  • Andrew Bray, Political Shifts, Policy Changes & The Road Ahead
  • Thom Singer, Connecting with People in a Gadget-Crazed World
  • Mark Adamson, Change Your Training – Change Your Culture

Join us July 25-27, San Antonio, Texas., at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa. Learn to leverage upheavals, inspire innovation in your team, and influence meaningful organizational change.

Registration is open. Email Joe Kujawa at or visit our Eventbrite.

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