Robert Clinkenbeard

Managing Partner

Fortunately for Robert Clinkenbeard having a mindset that embraces risk and understands it’s ok to fail, is good for business.

Robert was raised in Edinburgh, Scotland where the country’s dramatic landscape, inspired his interest in horticulture and sustainability. He moved to Arizona with a degree in Horticulture and Recreation Management and launched Integrated Landscape Management. He and his partner grew the firm to become a regional powerhouse reaching 20m in revenue, with more than 350 employees. ILM sold in 2016 to a multi-billion-dollar green industry leader.

Being a chief executive and entrepreneur is tough and Robert’s realistic optimism has certainly paid off. Today, in addition to being a managing partner of green industry consultancy and CEO peer group organization Bruce Wilson & Company, Robert owns The Radix Group LLC, a privately held global coaching business and entrepreneurial leadership organization founded in 2018. He is host of The Commercial Landscaper Podcast, a Certified Scaling Up coach, author and speaker on Ironman Mindset for Entrepreneurs, and he is an investor in many other real estate ventures and global software companies.

Robert leads Radix Ten Percent, a sustainability initiative that donates ten percent of his firm’s profit to nature-based programs. He’s on the board of the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association, where he served as president and is an area director for Entrepreneurs’ Organization Western & Eastern Regions.
When he’s not thinking outside the box, he’s literally thinking on his feet as an Ironman Triathlete. He played semi-professional rugby and soccer for over 20 years and says rugby is the best metaphor for life as a business owner: “You run and dodge nonstop, it’s punishing and fast, and you learn crisis management in real-time.”

Robert and Faith Clinkenbeard live in Greenville, South Carolina, with five children, two dogs, a dozen or so chickens, and acres of sustainably managed outdoor space where the Clinkenbeard family lives, works, and plays.

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